COTUCPROMA R.L (co-operative of Community-based Tourism, Protective of the Environment), was created by the need of generating income opportunities to farm families affected by the climate change, adopting a new model of ethics that allows the protagonism to more people in the participation and distribution of revenues received through the tourist activities.


The Cooperative promotes the rural Tourism in all the department of Madriz, providing, through the community actors, who share the principles of partnership and solidarity, tourist services, where the customers feel satisfied with the care received, they live an unique experience and authentic rural tourism, that contributes to community development, and also is contribution to the personal growth.


For this reason, we developed our tourist packages, targeted to communities of Madriz, many of which are a step away from the star tourist attraction, Somoto Canyon, all enchanted places are happy to have great natural attractions, cultural and archaeological, for which reason, are part of the proposed Geo park of Rio Coco, a tourism development project national that we hope to count soon with the certification of UNESCO. In the section “tour packages” we have the description of our proposal, with the details of the community stakeholders involved in providing tourism services and the cost structure of the package, made through community workshops which COTUCPROMA R.L, following the principles of transparency, so that every visitor knows the distribution effective of their economic contribution to community development.