Tourist offer

Tourist attractions to visit:

1. Las Tres Señoritas Geo-site.
2. Palmira Ecolodge.
3. El krike.
4. Río Coco – Tropical Dry Forest Tour.
5. Cerro La Cruz Viewpoint.
6. El Almendro Museum.
7. Municipallibrary.
8. Santa María Church.
9. Indigenous Burial Ground.
10. Artisans.
11. Mujeres Solares.
12. Montaña Solar.
13. La Ceiba el Fraile.
14. Posa y micro cañón la Muta (natural pool).
15. CEAR

Tourist services that we offer

1. Accommodation in community rooms and agritourism farms .
2. Food service.
3. Tourist Guide Service.
4. Transport Service (horses/donkeys, Bicycles and vehicles)

Tour features

1. Hiking.
2. Observation of flora and fauna.
3. Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
4. Indigenous culture
5. Archaeology
6. Geology
7. Studies Scientific.

Tour Description (Totogalpa Town)


En el sector urbano del municipio de Totogalpa, nos brindaran una calurosa bienvenida el representante turístico de la Cooperativa elegido por la comunidad, el cual estará pendiente de la satisfacción y del cuido del visitante durante toda la visita. Sucesivamente a un sabroso desayuno opcional, empezaremos el recorrido con la visita a personajes claves del municipio, los artesanos/as que tienen interesantes Técnicas para crear asombrosos productos con materiales naturales y disponibles como Tusa de maíz,Jícaro, cuero y cuernos (Cachos de animal bovino) productos que sobresalen como una de las obras artísticas más representativas de la zona norte.


In the urban sector of the municipality of Totogalpa, the representative of the Cooperative, elected by the community, he will give us a warm welcome , he will also be attentive to customer satisfaction and also care of the visitor during the entire visit. Then we will continue to eat a tasty breakfast, which is optional, we will start the tour with the visit to key figures of the municipality, the craftsmen who have interesting techniques to create amazing products with natural materials such as Cob corn,Gourd, leather, and horns (Horns of bovine animal) products that stand out as one of the artistic masterpieces most representative of the northern zone..


We continue our visit to El Almendro museum, the destination in which you can appreciate different vestiges found on the territory of the indigenous community, from bowls, to utensils and hunting weapons which belonged to heroic fighters from the territory, in the same way to get a lot of information about the Chorotega history of Totogalpa, we will visit the municipal Library, with the goal to reinforce information received in the course of the tour, also that way we will take a little break.


After a tour full of history and culture, we will proceed to enjoy the delicious local cuisine in the home of one of the families in the community, where you can enjoy the company and affection that emanates from the community people. After having enjoyed a tasty typical lunch, we will visit one of the artisans most recognized from the department of Madriz, Don Arnulfo Gomez dedicated to the development of crafts based on the fruit of the Jicaro tree, mats and painting on Canvas, an activity that allowed him to be worthy for the Logo design of the Rio Coco Geopark Project.


Continuing the tour full of cultural history, we will visit the Cemetery of Totogalpa, where we will appreciate the combination of the ancient structures built by the massif of adobe. Following the same route we will visit cerro la cruz, natural attraction, outstanding for its amazing flora and natural viewpoints from where we will be able to appreciate the houses in the municipality of Totogalpa, After knowing the urban side we will go to the Indigenous community of San José de Palmira where we will make use of transport service, up to you either supporting the protection of the environment, through the use of bicycles, riding on horses or by vehicle.


Community considered a model in the rural eco-tourism development, which is located only four kilometres west from Totogalapa, endind the day at this community will allow us to enjoy a cool climate and peaceful ambient of the countryside, while enjoying a sumptuous dinner in one of the houses of the families in the community, in the same way, that gives you the opportunity to be involved in a cultural night full of history and mythologies that have endured with the passing of time in the community, with Entertainment by local groups with their guitars, accordions, flutes and chicheros with native songs, the traditional dances of the street theatre of the “Mojiganga or the dance of the Gigantona” with their mantudos and the typical regional dance groups of young people. After a hard and we hope a pleasant day, you will have the opportunity to take a well-earned rest at your community accommodation or at the Palmira ecolodge.

Tour Description Day 2 (Rural Totogalpa)


Day 2 starts with a tasty breakfast, in the company of the songs of the birds, so popular in the community. Then we will make a difficult but eye-catching tour, to the historic center known by the locals as the Hill of The three young ladies, a name attributed to a legend that only once you have visited the destination you’ll be able to know and understand better, this destination offers one of the best views towards the cordillera of Dipilto and Jalapa, adding an unparalleled view of the wonderful Rio Coco. (You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a indigenous ceremony, which will allow you to cleanse your soul of evil spirits, and it will remove the concern that haunts the health of your body).


Continue the hike on a trail, which will allow us to reach an indigenous settlement, in which you’ll be able to observe the different vestiges that lie in the territory.


After a tour, which favored in stripping the bad vibes of our body, we will proceed to enjoy the delicious typical cuisine of the community, where you’ll be able to being joyful in the company and affection of the locals. After having enjoyed a well deserved lunch, we will visit Palmiras Ecolodge, a destination that has become the benchmark of the community through the support of IMPRU.


In the facilities of the eco lodge we will have the opportunity to visit, an orchid farms, where we found a surprising variety of Orchids typical of the zone, then we will visit a micro Canyon known as Krike, attraction, with a great geological potential, that’s the reason it form part of the Rio Coco Geopark project.


The day of visit ends with a tour through the community, in which we will learn well the day-by-day living style for the locals, allowing you to visit different houses in which the activities done at home have excelled, as is the making of tasty bread, which we will have the opportunity of tasting with a delicious cup of coffee or tea, on the same tour we will visit more working women and we will meet local tailoring specialists.


After a hard and we hope a pleasant day, you will have the opportunity to take a well-deserved break in community hosting or Palmira Ecolodge and enjoy a tasty dinner, sharing, in harmony with the local families, and recovering the energies for the next day.

Tour Description Day 3 (Social Totogalpa)


In the Restaurant solar, the representative resort of the Cooperative, elected by the community gives us a warm welcome, who is going to be aware of the satisfaction and care of the visitor during the entire visit. Then you can have a tasty breakfast, we will start the tour heading towards the community el Fraile, with a visit to the legendary tree over 500 years old, known by the locals as La Ceiba de oro, we will have the opportunity to appreciate a tree’s centennial as it is el Guapinol Herrado, which its legend describes in a ceremonial center. then we will ontinue the hike on a trail that took us to the famous cave, el Fraile shelter of myths and legends of pre-columbian period, which you will know once you are in the site.


Successively we will see the popular solar mountain where besides enjoying a well-deserved snack, we will get to know the different ways that The Solar Agroecological Promoters used for the restoration and conservation of the Earth, through the development of products such as insecticides and organic fertilizers, continuing on the same route we will visit the famous Posa Bruja La Muta, structured with interesting geological formations in which the time has left its signs, and in every crack have been woven the most fantastic legends that the natives will give you to know on your visit.


After a journey full of adventure, history and culture, we will enjoy the delicious cuisine in the Restaurant Solar, where you can share your experiences and feel part of the activities that the locals do day by day. After having enjoyed a well deserved lunch, we will visit the solar center, attraction managed by a group of entrepreneurial women, who were able to materialize their dreams of building a restaurant site to the promotion, production and research of renewable energy contributing to the sustainable development of its municipality, results that you will see with your visit and you’ll appreciate carefully. Then we will visit the Center for Rural Education (CEAR), their importance, you’ll know only once you decide to visit.


The tour day ends after a long, arduous and we hope pleasant journey, with reimbursement to Centro Solar, which it will become our accommodation centre and you will have the opportunity to take a well-deserved rest and conclude with a sumptuous dinner.