Package cost structure per visitor
Actors Service cost in cordobas Description
1 60 Breakfast Service
2 150 foreign visitor rate.
100 national visitor rate.
3 100 Lunch Service
4 100 Horse rental for travel to Bálsamo Waterfall
5 100 Accommodation in community room, with basic services.
140 Accommodation in Agro-touristic Farm.
6 70 Dinner Service
7 25 Contribution for tasting pastries or candies (Optional).
8 30 Contribution for entrance to private properties.
9 20 Contribution to Artisans.
10 60 Breakfast Service
11 80 Rate for Foreign Visitor
50 Rate for National Visitor
Cooperative 10% over the package Logistics Services and Advertising
Total C$ 874.50 Minimum price package for foreign tourists (with accommodation in community rooms)
C$ 786.50 Minimum price package for national tourists (with accommodation in community rooms)

Regulation for services providers defined with COTUCPROMA R. L


  • Up to 4 visitors it is established by actors 2 and 11 (Tour Guides).
  • A rotation system is defined among the listed suppliers that prohibits them from providing more than one service at the same tourists, except for the actors 6, for whom the breakfast service is authorized after an overnight visitor accommodation.
  • Two representatives appointed coordinators with COTUCPROMA R.L. and elected by the stakeholders. with the role of ensuring the performance of tourism service providers according to terms established and regulated.
  • COTUCPROMA R.L. is committed to monthly monitoring the tool for control and registration of sent visitors, which was provided to community representatives in order to verify the correct and transparent implementation of tourist activity in the community as required.

Key actors For The Equitable Development of the Tourist Package


El Pegador community, with currently an average of 30 providers, willing to offer tourist services, in order to be able to maximize and effectively develop the tourism in their community, based on the rules laid down in the tourist package proposed, allowing this way to rescue the true value of the Rural Tourism Community.


Among the suppliers we found key stakeholders to provide excellent service to tourist, as are community guides from whom highlight young entrepreneurs, interested in the sustainable development of their community, who despite not having an official certification from INTUR, they are able to play the role of tour guides successfully as they have been training.


Below, represents the list of the suppliers involved in the tourism development of the community, among which we located the following.


Food service providers El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 1, 3 and 6
1. Norma Leticia Ramos López
2. Laura Marina Pérez Rivera
3. Meysis Anabel Ponce Valladares
4. Belkys de Jesús Pérez Ramos
5. Lourdes Gonzales Ramos
6. Ada María Betanco
7. Reyna Jiménez
8. Aurora Luz Morales
9. Ana Chávez
10. Geylin Blandón

Tour guide service providers from El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 2 and 11
1. Katy Daniela Rodríguez Ramos
2. Erick Eduardo Hoyes Báez
3. Nelby Nereyda Ramos López
4. Eliester Joney Moncada
5. Gustavo Méndez
6. Héctor David Betanco
7. Efraín Antonio Mercado Betanco

Beasts rental Service providers from El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 4
1. Franklin Ramón Rodríguez Pérez 1
2. Luis Alonso Hernández 1
3. Francisco Sánchez 1
4. Douglas Alberto Sierra 2
Total 5

Accommodation Service Providers from El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 5 and 10
1. Erick Eduardo Hayes Báez 4
2. Norma Ramos López 4
3. Auxiliadora Ramos 2
4. Douglas Alberto Sierra 10
5. Mauricio Moncada 2
Total 22

Pastries providers from El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 7
1. Geylin Blandón
2. Ana Chávez
3. Zaura Marina
4. Sira Mercedez Velásquez
5. Ada María Betanco

Owners of private lands needed for tourism in El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 8
1. Juan Alberto Betanco
2. Johana Fiallo Guillen
3. Mauricio Moncada

Artisans from El Pegador community
Participation in the tour package as actors 9
1. Héctor David Mercado (Madera)
2. Denis Isidro Chevez Baca (Jícaro)

Time Destination Actors Activity Description
8:00 am El Pegador Community 1 & 2 – Welcome by the representative.
– Breakfast.
Will welcome you with a delicious typical breakfast in a family house. Visitor Organization for accommodation. Before starting the tour, the guide will provide information about the community.
08:30 am La Bruja LAgoon. 1 – Observation of Flora and Fauna.
– Boat ride.
Visit Laguna La Bruja, proposed destination as geological site in the Rio Coco,Geopark Project , where we will be able to make different natural activities, allowing us to enter into harmony with nature.
10:00 am – Natural Viewpoints.

– Arroyo de Agua.


– Observation of Flora and Fauna.
– Trekking.
Visit natural vantage points from which we can appreciate the extensive wooded valleys that are part from the community’s unique weather.
12:30 pm · Community Family 3 Lunch You will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by laborious hands of women in the community.
01:30 pm Coffee roaster
 (La Tentación)
1 – Monitoring the coffee roasting process.
-Tasting Product.
This destination will provide the opportunity to learn the process involved,in creating one of the products most currently sampled, such as coffee,,allowing us to taste it or take a pleasant memory of this popular,product.
02:30 pm Bálsamo Waterfall 1 & 4 – Horseback riding.
– Trekking.
– Observation of Wildlife.
We will visit “Balm” waterfall, the name is attributed to its mysterious crystal-clear waters and their environment, history which you will know only once you have visited the destination.
4:30 pm San José Farm 5 – Break.
– Cultural Night.
– Dinner.
After,a hard and flashy tour, we will have the opportunity to take a break in,the agro tourism estate San Jose, successively we have the opportunity,to enjoy a tasty typical dinner accompanied by a cultural evening, which,will culminate your visit day satisfactorily.
8:00 pm Community Family or Farm 4 Accommodation After an excellent visit day , we will move to our accommodation, which will give us strength for the next day.
Day 2
07:00 am San José Farm 1 Community activities, products derived from milk. Participation in activities that locals made day by day, as is the development of products derived from milk.
08:00 am Community Family or Farm Breakfast We will take a typical breakfast, which will allow us to take forces to perform one last tour.
08:30 am Mercado’s Crafts 1 Appreciation of arts and crafts. Observation of crafts made from wood, which have been highlighted by their quality.
9:00 am Las Orquídeas Lagoon 1 – Observation of Flora and Fauna.
– Hiking.
– Boat ride.
Small and surprising attraction that in addition to the great water potential that it possesses, is characterized by the extensive plantations of corn, this destination will allow us to take small boat tours.
10:30 am Community Family 7 Making of pastries and candies. We will observe different specialties that women perform, as is the development of exquisite pastries and candies, which, in addition to observe their making of we will taste them.
11:30 am Community Family 3 Lunch You will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by laborious hands of the women from the community, then some words of farewell by the providers of tourist services.
12:30 pm End of the Tour

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Promotion policy for the tourist offer of the package El Pegador community.
  • For each group of 4 visitors, the group does not pay the tour guide service the first day.(150 Córdobas foreign visitors and 100 national visitors) plus guide service second day (80 Córdobas foreign visitors, 50 national visitors).
  • For groups of more than 10 actors 8 (entrances) provide a discount of 30%.
  • For group over 10 people, COTUCPROMA R. L will provide a discount shared with the community actors.