El Pegador

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Tourist offer for El Pegador Community

Tourist attractions to visit:

• La Bruja Lagoon
• Las Orquídeas Lagoon
• Coffee Toaster
• Natural Viewpoints
• Streams of Water
• Bálsamo Waterfall
• San José Agro-touristic Farm
• Mercado’s crafts
• El Pegador cake shops

Tourist services that can be offered

• Accommodations in community homes and on farms.
• Food Service.
• Tour Guide Service.
• Transportation Service on Beasts (horses / donkeys).

Tour features

• Trekking.
• Observation of flora and fauna.
• Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
• Indigenous Culture
• Archaeology
• Geology

Tour Description Day 1


In El Pegador the tourism representative of the Cooperative elected by the community will give us a warm welcome, he will be subject to the satisfaction and care of the visitor throughout the visit. Then we will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty breakfast, we begin the journey to one of the potential attractions of the community as Laguna La bruja, small natural lagoon, offering great moments of breaks in a setting of oak forests and coffee, allowing us to enjoy optimum climate and pleasant temperature while sailing on calm waters in small boats, likewise has a high geological and water potential, which you will know better once you’re at the destination. Then we continue walking down a path that will lead us to great natural viewpoints, where we will have the opportunity to appreciate the broad valleys riddled with forests that make the community have an enviable climate, following the same route we will reach an amazing natural creek where we can take a break and enjoy the crystal clear waters and tranquility that emanates attractiveness.


After a tour full of history and nature, we can proceed to enjoy the delicious local cuisine at the home of one of the families in the community where you can share your experiences and feel part of the activities that families make day day. After enjoying a well deserved lunch, we will visit Tostadora de Café La Tentación, where we will have the opportunity to learn the process involved in creating one of the products most currently tested, such as coffee, thus allowing us to taste or take a pleasant memory of this appreciated product.


Likewise continuing our full of pure nature tour, we will visit partly on foot partly donkey / horse, one of the most amazing waterfalls known by locals as Waterfall Balm, attributing to its mysterious crystalline waters and their environment, story you’ll know better once you have visited the destination.


The tour day ends at Finca San Jose enjoying exquisite typical and participation in a cultural evening dinner which participation will make you enjoy dancing and representative songs, you will fall in love with the indigenous culture of the community. After the enjoyment and delight of a wonderful visit day, you will have the opportunity to take a short break in community accommodation or Finca Agro Tourism, recovering the energy for the next day.

Tour Description Day 2


Day 2 starts with a tasty breakfast, in the company of the songs of the birds and the nature of the community. Then we will make an eye-catching tour through the facilities of the Finca San Jose, participating in the activities that the locals do day by day, as is the development of products derived from Milk. Then we will proceed to visit Mercado Handicrafts, where we will have the opportunity to meet a young man specialized in the development works of art, using wood.


Continuing with our visit, we will arrive to Las Orquídeas Lagoon, a small and surprising attraction that in addition to its great water potential that it possesses, it is also characterized by the extensive plantations of corn, this destination will allow us to take small boat tours, which will serve as moments of relaxation and meditation, taking advantage of the tranquility that emanates from the destination.


The day ends with the visit to one of the houses of the family in the community, where we will observe different specialties that hardworking women do, as is the making of exquisite pastries and confectionery, which, in addition to having the opportunity of observing their process of making, we are able to taste them. And then we will enjoy a tasty lunch.