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Tourist offer of the proposed package.

Tourist attractions to visit:

1. Mangas verdes
2. El arco entrance to Cusmapa
3. Piedra Orocuina Lookout points
4. Mano del diablo Lookout point
5. Municipal Lookout point
6. Pine leaf crafts
7. The indigenous community Museum
8. Artesanías Montón de añicos (crafts)
9. Las escalitas
10. Municipal Park
11. Maria auxiliadora Church

Tourist services we can offer

1. Accommodation in community homes and farms
2. Food service.
3. Tour guide service
4. Service of transport in Beast (horses / donkeys)

Tour Features

1. Hiking.
2. Observation of flora and fauna.
3. Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
4. Indigenous culture
5 Archaeology
6 Geology

Tour Descriptio Day 1 (Cusmapa)


In San Jose of Cusmapa there will offer to us a warm welcome the tourist representative of the Cooperative chosen by the community, he will be pending of the satisfaction and of the safety of the visitor during all the stay in our first touristic appeal El Arco, popularly known as the entry to the native people of Cusmapa from which we will be able to observe the country houses of the urban area in the municipality we will also observe its impressive pines with soul, alive nature, that provide incredible landscapes and it gives magic to this place and only by being in the place you will appreciate, then we will eat a tasty breakfast (optional), afterwards we will start our tour by the urban area of the municipality, doing our first station in Municipal Park, finding historical-cultural appeals as monuments of the Padre Fabretto, founder of the municipality, which tells the story you will be able to know it once you visit the place, following our tour we will visit the municipal museum, where we will appreciate indigenous vestiges found in the territory, following the same route we will know the Church María Auxiliadora and Las Pilitas, which importance and history yo will be able to know it in the appeal. Then, we will have the opportunity of taking part in a route through the craftsmen, which will allow you to appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship of the place, the work done by the women, finding products maded from flower and acícula of pine, as well as from recyclable products.


After a tour full of history and culture we will proceed to enjoy the delicious local gastronomy at the house of one of the families from the municipality, where we will be able to share our experiences and we will take part of the activities that the families carry out day by day. After having enjoyed a deserved lunch, we will make the famous tour of the viewpoints, tour of 4 hours, in which we will have the opportunity of visiting Mirador Piedra Orocuina, Rock of about 100 m of altitude, surrounded with pine forest, coal and quebracho, from the path to the viewpoint it can be observed the range of the Maribios, the Gulf of Fonseca and the beauty scenic of the pine mountains of San José de Cusmapa.


Then we will visit El Aserrio cave, destination with great geological and religious potential, that just by being in the place you will know better and experience it, on the same route we will visit La mano del Diablo Lookout point, which is located on rock formations of Talpetate, which you will see it as the carving of a hand, is also known as a ceremonial center and from where you can also see the mountain range of the Pacific of Nicaragua.


The day of visit ends with our descent into the urban center of the municipality, in which we will proceed to visit our accommodation facility, which will allow us to take a break after a hard and attractive tour. Then a delicious typical dinner and participation in a cultural evening in which your participation will make you enjoy dances and songs representative of each of the locals, which will make you fall in love with the indigenous culture of the indigenous community. After the enjoyment and delight of a wonderful day, you will have the opportunity to take a well-deserved rest in community accommodation or in tents, recovering energies for the next day.

Tour Description Day 2 (Cusmapa)


Day 2 begins with a tasty breakfast, accompanied by the songs of the birds, which are popular in the community. We will make a hard but striking tour of 5 hours, by paths full of native natural vegetation of the area where we will strengthen and clean up our bodies with a walk full of oxygen and pure nature, that will take us up to the viewpoints of one of the mountains more lush of the municipality and of Nicaragua known as Mangas Verdes, characterized by being covered by pine forests, with an area of about 5 km2 which stretches from the outskirts of the urban part of Cusmapa, until about 3 km to the east of the municipality,from the top of the solid lush we will be able to take a well-deserved snack, enjoying unique views that will make your visit one of the best experiences and memories in contact with nature that you can experience. The day of visit ends at the home of one of the families in the municipality, where you can enjoy again of the varied typical gastronomy of the community and where you will be able to share experiences of your progress made, assessing the service offered by each one of the inhabitants, and contributing to, even so, the growth of community-based tourism.