San Lucas Volcano

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Tourist offer of the proposed package.

Atractivos Turísticos a visitar:

• Lookout La Pila
• Lookaout malacate
• Lookout Oyote
• Natural Reserve Tepesomoto la Patasta.
• Tour the community (Experiential Tourism)
• Doña Reyna House (TExperiental Tourism)

Tourist services that can be offered

• Accommodation in community houses and camping.
• Service of Food.
• Service of Tour Guide
• Service of Transportation in Beast (horses/donkeys)

Tour Characteristics

• Hiking.
• Observation of flora and fauna.
• Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
• Indigenous culture

Tour Description Day 1


In the community, the Volcano, the representative resort of the Cooperative, elected by the community, gives us a warm welcome which will be pending of the satisfaction and care of the visitor during the entire stay. On to a tasty breakfast, then we start the journey in parties, walking, in part with donkey/horse, as desired, toward the mountain protected area Tepesomoto, we will visit the domicile of the producer, Doña Reyna, characterized in that the preparation of tortilla (Derived from Corn) and the teaching process of the cultivation of coffee. We will continue the walk towards the route of the viewpoints, visiting the first viewpoint known by the locals as the overlook, the Stack, allowing to appreciate the vast mountains of our Sister Republic of Honduras and the municipality of San Lucas.


Then, we cross through historic trails with large mature trees, singing of birds characteristic of the region, which will take us to the viewpoint Oyote, where we enjoy a climate that is refreshing and enjoyable, surrounded by beautiful orchids. After a journey of over 4 hours, in which the enjoyment of a natural environment was highest, for all that remains, we arrive at the top of the Reserva Natural Tepesomoto, resource with great importance and history that you will meet only once visited.


After a tour full of pure nature we will reach to the top, with a natural Viewpoint, which enjoys an amazing view, there you can enjoy a wonderful picnic accompanied by the rich local gastronomy, at which time you also will be able to share the experiences of the course and to continue enjoying the pleasant weather that only Tepesomoto Offers. After having enjoyed a well deserved lunch and have relaxed, we will take the descent down to the tourist information center, community destination in which we will take a break after a hard and we look forward to a wonderful journey of natural and cultural.


The day tour ends with a delicious typical dinner and participation in a cultural night, in which participation will make you to enjoy dances and songs representative of each of the locals, which will fall in love with the native culture of the indigenous community. After the enjoyment and delight of a wonderful day of visit, you’ll have the opportunity to take a well-deserved break in hosting community or in tents, recovering the energies for the next day.

Tour Description Day 2


Day 2 starts in the company of the songs of the birds so popular in the community of The Volcano, ready for the visit to the finca el Porvenir, a destination which we go partly on foot and partly mounted on a horse or donkey, this destination gives the opportunity to be a part of community activities that the locals do day-to-day, as is the preparation of derivative of milk, or milking the cow. After a breakfast we continue our tour towards the famous mirador Winch, beauty and history that you’ll meet only once in the destination, from which with one of the best views to the community and Municipality of San Lucas. The day of the visit ends at the home of one of the families of the community in which, we will enjoy a tasty typical lunch, that will revive energy for the transfer to our place of origin.