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Tourist offer for Icalupe Community
1. Archaeological site “Piedras Pintadas”.
2. “Cueva del Toro”(The Cave of the bull)
3. Lookout Canyon Dry
4. Tour of crafts and painted houses of the community.
5. Agro-touristic Farms.
6. House Museum
7. “Horno del Duende” (Goblin’s Oven)

Tourist services we can offer

1. Accommodation in community houses and farms.
2. Food service.
3. Tourist Guide Service.
4. Transport services (horses/donkeys)
5. Rappel

Travel features

1. Hiking.
2. Observation of flora and fauna.
3. Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
4. Culture of our ancestors.
5. Archaeology.
6. Geology.

Tour Description


In Icalupe will give us a warm welcome the tourism representative of the Cooperative elected by the community, which one is going to be pending of the satisfaction and care of the visitor throughout the visit. Successively to a tasty breakfast, we start the tour, partly by walk, partly donkey / horse, in the park of PiedrasPintadas, where we visit a unique archaeological site, a wall of more than 25 meters high, filled with petroglyphs and pictographs,colors and designs which demarcate much of the local and national indigenous history.


The walk to the Wall Painted Stone is known for its scenic beauty and geological resources, which function connectivity between ecosystems and species in the area. Following the same route, from Painted Stone wall, the walk will continue along a path that will take us to the famous cave of Toro, which legend will discover once located on the site. Before we enter on the descent we will visit a Horn, in scientific research process, so small that community calls it the Duende, attributing to the mythological figure use. Duende ovens are located within a pine forest surrounded by a rocky landscape, since where you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view.


After a tour full of history and culture we shall proceed to enjoy of the rich local cuisine at the home of one of the families in the community of Icalupe, where they can share their experiences and you can feel part of the activities that families make every day. After enjoying a well-deserved lunch, we will visit one of the most impressive viewpoints of the community and the Municipality of Somoto, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Canyon Seco, an abyss of more than 150 meters deep, and notable inhabited valleys of our sister republic of Honduras.

Similarly way we proceed to make a unique tour of the community, admiring the artistic graces that distinguish the inhabitants of Icalupe, among which stand out the development of handicrafts made of pine needles and drawings on the walls of houses, made with a painting that is obtained through artisanal processing of stones from the mountains of this area, which have become Icalupe in one of the most colorful communities of all Nicaragua.


The day tour ends at the Museum House, destination which will see different remains found in the territory of the community, from indigenous pottery utensils to hunt animals. After a hard and hopefully nice day, they have the opportunity to take a deserved short break in community accommodation or farm and enjoy of a typical dinner, sharing, in harmony with local families and recovering the energy for the next day.