Structure of package cost per visitor
Actors Cost in Cordobas
per service
1 60 Breakfast Service
2 250 Rate Foreign Visitor
150 Rate National Visitor
3 100 Rental Horses for the journey to complementary destinations from the community or in order to going to La piedra que habla “The stone that speaks”, and finally going to La cueva del Sapo”The Toad cave” (Optional)
4 100 Lunch Service
5 20 Rate of payment for entrances to private properties
6 100 Accommodation in community room, with basic services
7 70 Dinner Service
6 60 Breakfast Service
8 100 Contribution of 50 cordobas to artisans fund and 50 cordobas to nurseries fund.
Cooperative 10% from the package Logistics services and Advertising
Total From 946 Minimum price package for foreign tourists
From 836 Minimum price package for national tourists

Regulation of service providers from Aguas Calientes community defined by COTUCPROMA R. L


  • Is set to a maximum of 4 visitors per actors 2 (Tourist Guides).

  • A system of rotation has been defined among the providers listed, which prohibits them from providing more of a service to the same tourist on the same day, with the exception of the actors 6, which is authorized whith the service of breakfast after the overnight accommodation of the visitor.

  • Two representatives named and chosen by the involved actors as the unique coordinators with COTUCPROMA R.L. with the role of ensuring the performance of tourism service providers according to terms established and regulated.

  • COTUCPROMA R. L commits to monthly monitoring of the tool of control and registration of visitors sent, which has been provided to the community representatives with the purpose of verifying the correct and transparent implementation of the tourist activity in the community according to what is established.

Key actors For The Equitable Development of the Tourist Package


The community of Aguas Calientes, currently has an average of 38 direct suppliers, who are ready to offer tourism services, in order to be able to maximize and effectively develop the tourism in their community, based on the rules laid down in the tourist package proposed, allowing this way to rescue the true value of the Rural Tourism Community.


Among the suppliers we found key stakeholders to provide excellent service to tourist, such as tour guides which include geo guides, people with expertise in Geology and Archaeology, they know the attractions of their community; They are also certified by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR), with the support of the Swiss Cooperation SDC, in the same way are included people with domain of the English language.


Below are the list of the suppliers involved in the tourism development of the community, among which we find the following.


Food Suppliers Aguas Calientes community
Participation as Actors Package 1, 4 y 7
1. Argelia Milagro Acevedo
2. Jorlene Jackarellin Hernández Gradiz
3. Dania Esther Betanco
4. María Lidia Carazo

Transportation providers (Horses/Donkeys)
Aguas Calientes community.
Participation as Actors Package 3
1. Cornelio Rivas 2
2. Amadeo Gómez 1
3. Macedonio Rivas 1
4. Santos Dionisio García Vaez 1
5. Marvin Hernández 1
6. Juan Hernández 1
7. Gilberto Moncada 1
Total Capacity 8

List of Tour Guides from the community of Aguas Calientes
Participation in the package as actors 2
1. Claudia Magdeli Flores Ponce (Geo-Guide)
2. Axel Ernesto Muñoz Gómez (Geo-Guide)
3. Walter Rene Carazo Herrera (Geo-Guide)
4. Kevin Elister Gómez Báez
5. Félix Alberto Gómez Zuniga
6.Mercedes Jalideth Hernández Acevedo
7.Escarleth Yolibeth Pérez García
8. Martha Isabel Ponce Jiménez
9. Israel Rodríguez
10. Luis Miguel Gómez
11.Javier Antonio Acevedo
12.Zulema de los Ángeles Rivas
13.Ilcia Marina Hernández Gradis

Owners list of tourist attractions Aguas Calientes community
Participation in the package as actors 5
1. Danilo Rivera,(Aguas Calientes petroglyphs)
2. José Iván Tercero Espinoza (Quiligüisca Hill)
3. Amadeo Gómez (Piedra que habla “Talking Stone” and El sapo Cave)
4. Cornelio Rivas (La Pelota Viewpoint)
5. Elvin Rene Pineda (El Duende trail)

Hosting Service providers
Participation in the package as actors 6
Reynaldo Rivas Ferrera 4 people

Artisans and Nurserymen
Aguas Calientes community with actors 8
1. Freddy Antonio Carazo Herrera (Nurserymen)
2. Danilo Rivera (Nurserymen)
3. Joel Hernández (Nurserymen)
4. Henry Rivera (Nurserymen)
5. Denis Carazo Beltrán (Artisan)
6. Eddy Carazo (Artisan)
English Interpreters
Aguas Calientes community
1. Edwin Hernández
2. Marina Aracely Rivera Carazo
3. Norlín Gómez
4. Delis Carazo

Time Destination Actors Activity Brief description
Day 1
8:00 am Typical dining room “Nicarao” 1 Breakfast Se brindará la bienvenida con un,rico desayuno típico en el comedor Típico Nicarao. Antes de empezar el recorrido el guía brindara información de la comunidad.
8:45 am Qüiligüisca Hill 2 ·Trekking
· Observation of Flora
· Appreciation of Indigenous mounds
We will have the opportunity to take a journey full of adventure, history and pure nature.
12:45 pm Typical dining room “Nicarao” 1 Lunch You will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by laborious hands of the women of the community.
2:00 pm ·Nurseries
·”Carazo” Crafts
2, 3 y 8 · Visit to additional attractions of the community.
Visit to “Carazo” nursery in which we will have the opportunity to appreciate the different plants that grow in this destination; Similarly visit “Carazo” crafts where we will see different forms of animals and replicas carved in stone and wood.
3:30 pm “Aguas Calientes” Petroglyphs 2 y 5 ·Hike
· Assessment of Wildlife
· Interpretation Petroglyphs
Appreciation of the petroglyphs found in the community of aguas calientes, which represents the culture of the indigenous groups that settled in the territory Somoteño
4:30 pm “Piedra que Habla” (Stone that speaks) 2 y 5 ·Hike
· Point Mental relaxation
Visit one of the most peaceful places in the community where you will have the opportunity to take a rest and relax with tranquility.
6:00 pm “Rivas” Community accommodation 6 y 1 ·Break
We will have the opportunity to take a well-deserved rest after an arduous journey, then we will enjoy a well-deserved dinner.
Day 2
6:00 am “Rivas” Community accommodation 6 Breakfast
7:00 am ·”El Sapo” Cave
·”La Pelota” Viewpoint
·”El Duende” Tour
2 ·Hiking
·Observation of Flora and Fauna
We will make a journey through different natural attractions which have had great impact on the community either because of their natural importance as well as historical.
12:00 pm

1:30 pm
Typical dining room “Nicarao” 1 Lunch You will enjoy a delicious typical lunch, to conclude our stay.

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Promotional policy of the tourist offer for Aguas Calientes community package.
  • For each group of 4 visitors, the room does not pay for the guided service (250 Cordobas foreign and 150 national).
  • For groups larger than 10 people, COTUCPROMA R. L will provide a further discount shared with the community actors.