Aguas Calientes

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Tourist offer for Aguas Calientes Community Package

Tourist attractions to Visit:

1. Qüiligüisca Hill (proposed Geo-site)
2. Aguas Calientes Petroglyphs.(proposed Geo-site)
3. Nurseries
4. Crafts
5. Piedra que habla “Speaking Stone”
6. “El Sapo” Cave
7. “La Pelota” Viewpoint
8. “El Duende” Trail

Tourist services that we offer

1. Accommodation in community houses and farms.
2. Food service.
3. Tourist Guide Service.
4. Transport services (horses/donkeys)

Travel features

1. Hiking.
2. Observation of flora and fauna.
3. Coexistence with the inhabitants of the community.
4. Culture of our ancestors.
5. Archaeology.
6. Geology.


Tour Description Day 1


In Icalupe will give us a warm welcome the tourism representative of the Cooperative elected by the community, which one is going to be pending of the satisfaction and care of the visitor throughout the visit. A tasty breakfast at the “comedor Típico Nicarao” will give us the energy to start the climb to the top of the hill Qüiligüisca, more than 900 meters high, a site that is characterized by diversity of flora and abundance of archaeological features, such as the 52 ceremonial mounds made by the indigenous who inhabited the region. From the top you can enjoy a panoramic view of the great unspoilt valley community, the city of Somoto and Honduras.


After a tour, full of history, culture and nature, then we will enjoy a typical lunch and we will proceed with a unique tour, on horseback ride through the community, visiting local artisans, among which two brothers for their extravagant sculptures in stone, and the various nurseries of the inhabitants of Aguas calientes, very sensitive to the protection and preservation of the environment.


Community tour continues with a visit to the petroglyphs that characterize Aguas Calientes, found in the middle of plots of basic grains and vegetables, soaked by the natives in a gigantic rock about 200 meters long. The rock is assumed, because of its strategic location, it was an indigenous ceremonial center at its foot, in effect, will see a cave filled with petroglyphs, probably inhabited by the shaman.


The day tour ends with a walk to one of the most characteristic points of the community, the famous “talking stone”, which history will understand only once visited the attraction. After a hard and hopefully nice day, you will have the opportunity to take a short break in community accommodation and enjoying a typical dinner, sharing in harmony with local families and thus recovering the energy to carry out the tour the next day.


Tour Description Day 2


Day 2 begins with a delicious breakfast, accompanied by the songs of birds, so popular in the community. Then we will have a hard but striking distance of 5 hours, trails full of native natural vegetation of the area which will strengthen and clean up our body with a walk filled with oxygen and pure beauty, which will take us to the Cave of the Toad and the viewpoint ” the ball “, funny nicknames, the reason you will find just admiring them. From the top we begin our descent to another site, known as the “Elf Tour,” which as you can imagine by its name, is quite narrow but very funny but at the same time. The day tour ends from where we started, in the “Comedor Típico Nicarao”, where you will enjoy once again the varied cuisine, typical of the community and you will share your experiences from the tour you just performed, evaluating the service offered by each residents and contributing to the growth of community tourism.